Pros and Cons of Working in a Call Center

Working in a call center means big pay. It means numerous benefits and overnight promotions. Your workplace will have lounges which contain many amenities. Having a job in a call center is fun, easy, and even glorious!

That's what many people want you to think.

Indeed, if you see call center agents, they do look rather glamorous. Endless parties, money to splurge, and luxurious workplaces.

However when you look closely, the picture begins to dim.

You'll see people in a production line working their asses off for greedy Americans. They are like ants trying to make up for lost sleeping time, risking their lives in the dead of the night, and their body clocks turning upside down because of the endless shifting schedules.
In the USA, a general call center representative would earn around 80,000 PHP or almost 2500 USD. The typical call center agent in the Philippines earns less than a fourth of that! If you think all call center agent earns more than twenty thousand pesos, you are dead wrong. The basic pay is almost always twelve thousand pesos. It then becomes more or less twenty thousand pesos because of the night differential, transportation allowance, and other types of allowances and benefits.

Not that I am exaggerating, but call center agents constantly face the dangers of traveling at night. There's your friendly local hold upper, the proverbial mugger, and your ever loyal fast cruising buses.

And let's not forget the fact that sometimes you would be asked to go on mandatory overtime, especially if you are new. You would also sometimes have a shifting schedule which means that your body clock would go haywire. And don't you ever forget the night shift. Sure, it seems exciting at first. Working at nights, wow! However, when you experience the night shift, you'll realize that it'll destroy your sleeping pattern and make you feel drunk all the time.

For family people, it would be doubly hard for you to work in call centers. Imagine not being able to see your kids grow up, tuck them into bed, and attend to their needs.

The advantage of working in a call center is of course the higher than average pay. The many allowances and benefits. I also like the almost progressive atmosphere in call centers. If you perform well, you get promoted. Plus you get the chance to grow all the time.

So that's it. Those are the advantages and disadvantages of working in a call center and it's up to you to decide whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

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