The Importance of Networking

In this time and age, networking is very important. If you have a business which thrives on contacts (which I'm almost sure it does), networking is everything to you. Networking is also very important when it comes to looking for a job, finding a place to rent, searching for a business partner, and even in looking for a partner in life.

In Manila, I realized that people are experts when it comes to networking. I guess in a big city, you would find it hard to get by without an extensive network of contacts.

When I was applying for a job in a call center, I got to meet a lot of people (co-applicants). After just a bit of chit-chat, some of them already asked me for my cellphone number.

You would never know when a person might be important to you. It might be sooner when a person in your network is looking for a place to stay, and you happen to know one or it might be later when you need a job, and a person in your network would like to refer you to his/her company. So when an opportunity to expand your network arises, seize it!

A proof of how important networking is, is the mushrooming of various networking websites, some social and others business in nature.

You do not stay in touch with a person simply because that person is your friend but because someday, one way or another, you might be needing that friend.

I am not however saying that all people in the world are just using one another. Rather,I'm saying that we are all here to help each other out.