How to look for or find a good room-for-rent

In looking for a room to rent, there are four basic things you have to watch out for.

1. Price of Food - See to it that food prices in the nearby carinderias from your room-for-rent is low. Low would be around 15 php for vegetables and 25 PHP for special dishes such as adobo and afritada.

2. Fare - Try to calculate your fare towards your workplace or the nearest mall. This should not amount to more than 30 PHP back and forth.

3. Neighbors - This one is tricky. Not only do you have to observe if the neighbors are friendly and decent, but you also have to see if there are grocery stores, churches, schools, convenience stores, and carinderias near your room-for-rent. It is important that you would not need to ride a jeepney or tricycle anymore just to get to a carinderia or a grocery store. Your room-for-rent must be close to such establishments. It would even be better if your room-for-rent is near a mall, that way you'd have fast food places, banks, pharmacies, and boutiques nearby,

4. Rent Price- In Manila, the usual price for a room-for-rent is 2000 PHP. Normally, that would cover water and electricity. Just a note, water in the metro is usually not drinkable. You would probably have to buy purified water which sells at around 30 PHP per gallon. The typical room-for-rent normally just contains a bed (sometimes a double deck) and a cabinet or a table. Don't expect anything luxurious unless you're paying around 5000 for your unit.

There. Now I hope this will help you in looking for a cheap room-for-rent.