How to Handle your very First Call in the Call Center

So you're all excited about that first call. You make sure the headset is working, your tools are up, confidence level is high, and then you hear the beep. Suddenly, everything that you've learned from training seemed to have just disappeared.

This is what happens most of the time during the first call that you would be taking. But as a newbie, you have absolutely nothing to worry. 99 % of the first calls that newbies take end up like this.

So here now are a couple of tips to help alleviate the nervousness that you would be feeling:

1. Sleep

I can't stress enough how a good night sleep can help you relax more when taking that first call. If you did not have enough sleep the other night, try taking some tea. I don't suggest taking coffee or caffeinated drinks since it could cause more anxiety.

2. Sit with a person you're comfortable with

Having a seatmate that you're comfortable with is also a very important thing to keep in mind. One of the reasons why newbies tend to feel nervous during this time is the thought of commiting mistakes. Obviously you don't want that person who makes fun of everyone to be sitting next to you during this time. So with with a friend, laugh at your mistakes, and learn from them.

3. Make sure a senior is around

Aside from sitting with a friend, try looking for a sit which is near the pros. A supervisor, a tenured agent, or a team leader around is very handy when you're looking for a solution for that very difficult issue the customer just told you about.

4. Bring your notes

During the first calls that you would be taking, I suggest taking your notes with you.


The most important tip that I can give you is to make a script. You can forget about the first four tips that I have listed here but never forget to make a script. Making a script is not only advisable for call center newbies taking their first call but also for experienced call center agents taking their first call in a new account. Start with your opening spiel, verbiage for various scenarios, and finally your closing spiel. With a percentage of your brain free from having to think on what to say next, you now have a better chance on resolving your customer's concern. While a script does not guarantee that your first call would go smoothly, it would definitely make a difference!

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