China Bank

Yesterday I experienced the most dissatisfying service from China Bank when I opened a bank account with them. This was the second time that I went there to open a bank account. I was unsuccessful the first time because they did not accept company IDs (because the China bank employee claimed that company IDs can just be faked) which was weird because our IDs even have bar codes on it. I'm not sure, but I'm almost certain that that kind of IDs can't be faked. What's weirder is the fact that they accept student IDs (because according to the China bank employee, there are only a few schools). Anyway, I was told by their employee to come back with an NBI or police clearance.

Yesterday I went back. To my horror, I was asked for two 2x2 pictures (I should have been informed of this requirement when I came to their establishment the first time). They then asked me to have my picture taken first. I initially thought that they were going to handle everything because that's how it sounded to me. However, I quickly realized that they were asking me to go and have my picture taken at the nearest shop which offers photo services. And then when I began filling up the application forms (3 of them), I suddenly realized that I do not know my complete address. And so I wrote in what I only knew. The employee who handled my request then asked her colleague if they knew where Aramismis is (since that's the only thing I wrote in the address field). Her colleague gave her the wrong information.

I was approached by the supervisor of the bank. He told me that they can't process my application since it says on my TIN ID and Police clearance that I am from Zamboanga city. And then they questioned my address because apparently it was wrong. I then told him that I never gave out the information written on the address field (except the Aramismis part). He then asked me to produce a proof of my residence. I asked him what proof would you be needing? "Either a barangay certificate or a billing statement", I was informed. I told the guy that this demand was ridiculous and impossible because (a) I do not have any bills, (b) you need to be a resident of a barangay for a certain period before you are allowed to get a barangay certificate (which I was told by my friend is wrong...whoops). The China Bank employee then threatened to hold my atm card unless I can provide a proof of residence. I told him plainly that I can't do that.

What really ticked me off was the fact that he treated me as if I came from another country. Zamboanga City is still part of the Philippines, and I shouldn't be treated like I am some terrorist suspect.

Finally, the guy from China bank asked me for a company ID and apparently that made everything okay when they told me that a company ID was not a qualifier for opening accounts. I was then asked to have my company ID photocopied which I really hated. They should not make customers do those things!

Chinabank definitely has to make changes regarding their standard operating procedures.They should also have better customer service policies. Some things should be done by the company itself as a courtesy to the customer.
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