Pub Matic Review

For those of you who are having difficulties in optimizing your ads, Pub Matic has arrived to the rescue! Pub Matic is the newest innovation in the Online Advertising Network scene! It is currently in the beta phase and is free for all to use!

The first time I heard about Pub Matic, I thought it difficult to use. However when I viewed the video presentation on how to use Pub Matic, I was instantly enlightened on how to use their service. Apparently, Pub Matic offers a free service wherein online ad publishers can have their ads optimized for them. If you are signed up with different ad networks, Pub Matic will try to run a mini auction and display only the ad with the best cpc rate. For most bloggers, the benefit that they will get from Pub Matic is the optimization feature.

Pub Matic would actually try and serve ads with different colors and see which one works best. After the period wherein Pub Matic will try to 'learn' which ad works best for you. This period however sometimes takes too long. According to a post in, this takes around 50,000 to 70,000. There are times that you would see bad looking ads on your website during this learning phase of Pub Matic.

Tip: To minimize the possibility of ugly ads showing up, click on advanced settings when *making new tags*. Then select blend in. Otherwise blend in and stand out ads would show up.

The reports feature in Pub Matic will allow you to see how your ads are performance. This feature will be especially useful to those who have various ad networks running in their website. However, it takes around two days for reports to be available.

Be reminded that Pub Matic is just in the beta phase. Hopefully, more features would be available. I am rooting for Pub Matic and hopefully it'll make lives easier!

There's no cost in trying out Pub Matic. So if I were you, try Pub Matic now!

I will update this blog post regarding the results that I will receive from Pub Matic. So stay tuned!