Asian Idol 2007 Winner

Hady Mirza is the first Asian Idol. But his win does not come without any controversies. Most viewers to hear of his victory when he did not perform very well on the performance night of Asian Idol.

Here are some speculations from forumers on how Hady Mirza won the Asian Idol title.

Since people had to vote for another contestant, they decided to vote for the weaker contestant. And most probably they voted for Hady since he is among the weaker contestants. All those votes accumulated catapulted him to becoming the first Asian Idol.

Others say that it is the looks factor that delivered him to victory.

People say that the more deserving contestants would be Mau Marcelo of the Philippines, Jac of Malaysia, and Mike of Indonesia.

Anyway, the competition is over. Congratulations to Hady Mirza for being the first ever Asian Idol!