Here's How To Claim Your BPI EMV Card And The Requirements You'll Need

In 2017, the BSP ordered all banks in the Philippines with EMV chip-enabled cards by June of 2018. This move was a result of the increase in incidents of ATM fraud or ATM skimming.

BPI has begun distributing its new EMV ATM card and the good news is it's free! However, the EMV ATM card isn't available in all areas yet and availability currently depends on which branch you opened your BPI ATM account.

How to know if my BPI EMV Card is already available for pick up

BPI clients will receive a text message or an SMS and an email when their new BPI EMV ATM card is already ready for pick up at the branch where they opened their BPI account. Click here to find out if your branch is already distributing the new BPI EMV card to its clients.

What are the requirements needed to claim my BPI EMV Card?

1. One (1) valid government-issued ID with photo and signature
2. Photocopy of the ID
3. Your current BPI ATM card

Reminders when claiming your BPI EMV chip-enabled Card

Don't forget to bring your SSS number and Tax Identification Number (TIN) when claiming your BPI EMV card. You will also be asked to update personal information and signature card.

Can I claim BPI EMV card from another branch?

Unfortunately, the new BPI EMV card can only be claimed from the branch where you opened your BPI account. You also have to be physically present at the bank to claim it for security purposes.

Here's How To Claim Your BPI EMV Card And The Requirements You'll Need

Please check out the FAQ on EMV for more detailed information.