How to Apply at HTMT

When I asked for directions on how to get to the office of Nucomm International, my friend instead encouraged me to apply at HTMT. HTMT is conveniently located at the old building of ABS CBN. From the Cubao MRT stop, all you have to do is walk towards Pure Gold near a Tropical hut and ride a jeepney there going to Pasig. Forgive me if the directions towards the HTMT office is unclear, I only went there once and I can't seem to recall the exact directions given to me by my friend.

Anyway, the HTMT application process takes a day and is quite simple. Here is a step by step guide on how the HTMT application:

1. You will be asked to take the HTMT phone interview. The phone interview lasts around 2 minutes and is usually more about yourself.

2. You would then be asked to take the HTMT Online Exam which covers the following areas: listening, and data entry.

3. The next part of the HTMT application process is the Written exam which covers abstract reasoning and grammar.

4. if you passed all those exams, you will now be up for the HTMT call simulation exam.

That's it! If you passed all those, you are hired! Take note however that the HTMT application process might differ depending on the account.

Anyway, that's the general HTMT application process. Good luck!

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