No te Vayas de Zamboanga song lyrics

No te vayas, no te vayas de Zamboanga
Que me puedes, que me puedes olvidar
No te vayas, no te vayas, ni me dejes
Que yo sin ti, no puedo estar

No llores, paloma mia
No llores que volvere
No llores que en cuando llegue
Paloma mia, te escribire

Con un pluma de ave
Y un pedazo de papel
Con la sangre de mis venas
Paloma mia, te escribire.

No Te Vayas de Zamboanga was written by Juan Cuadrado, Sr., a Spaniard who decided to stay in Zamboanga after the Spanish soldiers left the country.

I read somewhere that this song was used in a Zarzuela entitled De Cavite A Zamboanga. In this Zarzuela, a Cavitena sings this song to her boyfriend who is going to Zamboanga.

Here is an English translation of No te Vayas de Zamboanga (which is actually erroneous)

Don't you go, don't you go to far Zamboanga
Where you may forget your darling far away
Don't you go, don't you go, for if you leave me
How can I, without you stay?

Oh weep not, my dear Paloma
Oh weep not, for I'll return
Oh weep not, my little darling
I shall remember, and I shall yearn.

With a feather of a bird
And a piece of paper
With the blood from my veins
My little darling, I shall write to you.

Here is a YouTube video of No Te Vayas de Zamboanga by Major Chords.

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