How to Apply at Sutherland

Sutherland is a new call center located at the Export Bank Plaza in Makati. It is a fast growing call center as it has now many sites around the Philippines. Sutherland is sometimes referred to as the hidden goldmine in call centers.

The application process of Sutherland is a bit complicated but very much standardized. Here now is a step by step guide on how to apply at Sutherland:

1. The first thing to do is to take the Sutherland written exam. The written exam is analytical (like a math and IQ test) and grammar.

2. Now you will be asked to undergo three different interviews. The interviews in Sutherland is mostly about yourself and what you have written in your resume.

3. After the interviews in Sutherland, you will undergo the Sutherland typing test.

If in any case you don't pass any of the exams and interviews, you will be given the thank you note of death.

Anyway, good luck!

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