Week 3 in Manila

Monday - I went to the Burgandy Corporate tower in Makati for the New Employee Orientation in Sykes. I met a nice person who was really bubbly and funny. I found out that the training was going to be from 8 PM to 5 Am.

Tuesday - I again went to the Burgandy tower in Makati, this time the training started. I will be undergoing the communication skills training for 4 days. I was able to meet a really smart person who seemed to say things the way she sees them.

Wednesday- nothing much happened. I am having a hard time adjusting to the shift.

Thursday- The event in Makati lengthened my travel time but thankfully I was able to get to Sykes on time. This was the last day for our training.

Friday - We were made to watch a slide show about American culture and geography. The show ended with the American national anthem. Imagine that.