Do you need an accent when working in a call center?

When I first applied in a call center, I did not try to sport an accent. However, my interviewer had a very Americanized accent and I have this tendency to mimic the accent of anyone that I talk to and so throughout the interview, I had an almost american accent. Believe it or not.

When I applied for another call center, I was so horrified when I found out that the interviewer did not have an Americanized accent.

Anyway, I tried my best to sport an Americanized accent and the result was a neutral accent.

That's what call centers need actually. Neutralized accents. They do not require people to have Americanized accent.

Bear in mind that there are many types of accents in the United States of America. Some have the slow southern accent, some have the standard American accent, and others even have a British accent.

So don't worry if you don't sport an American accent. Just neutralize your accent.

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