Just a couple of hours ago, I saw a Google AdSense Ad about Zillr. It read: Zillr - now in the Philippines!

Zillr is a social networking website which is not yet very established. It is more famous in other countries.

Recently, Zillr has been controversial due to the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) ban to its website. Several people petitioned that the UAE government unban Zillr. Zillr is also popular in India primarily due to its affiliate program.

According to this post, you earn 10 USD (?) per referral.

Today, Zillr is expanding its operations. It seeks to copy the success of Friendster in the Philippines and nearby east Asian countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

I however doubt that this could happen. Friendster is already a household name in the Philippines. Also, I don't think Zillr offers anything that Friendster does not already offer.

But we'll see.

Zillr URL: http://www.zillr.com

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