Readers Digest: Then and Now

It's been a few years since my parents stopped subscribing to Reader's Digest. The reason we halted our subscription was the price. It was getting to be very very expensive.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I borrowed an issue of Reader's Digest from my aunt. What I found out made me sad and at the same time relieved.

The Reader's Digest of today is so freakin' full of ads! Not only that, I found some articles to be post like. What I'm implying is that I can find several other posts in blogs which are similar (some superior) in quality.

Anyway, it's those ads that really annoy me! Probably more than half of the magazine is just ads! Ads, ads, ads! And they aren't even discreet! They are full page ads!

I tried reading a Reader's Digest which is my grandma's and quality-wise it's incomparable. Meaning, the Reader's Digest of yesterday is of a very different league.

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