4 Easy Steps In Getting a Police Clearance (from the Philippines)

A police clearance is needed for some jobs (especially those that deal with finance). Here now, is a step by step guide in how you can get a Police Clearance.

1. Look for the nearest police station that issues police clearances

First, locate the main police station in your area. Try calling them up and asking them where to get a police clearance or go to the one nearest to you. Usually, it is only on the main branch that one can get a police clearance.

2. Find out what are the requirements for a police clearance from your police station

When I got to the Zamboanga city police main office, I saw a long and daunting list of requirements posted on the window but it was a good thing that I decided to ask them about the requirements because it turns out (in my case) all I needed was a cedula from the city hall and my SSS ID. Note that it would be best for you to go to the police station which issues police clearances in your area to ask for the requirements because, in my experience, they are not the same in all police stations.

3. Pay for your police clearance

Next, go to the city treasurer's office and inform the teller that you're going to pay for the police clearance. Usually, the city treasurer's office is inside the city hall. After paying, you'll be given a receipt. Present this receipt at the police station. And then you'll be given a form to fill up. After filling it up, give it (and the receipt) to the officer and then you'll be asked to pay another fee (I wasn't sure what it was for though). Anyway, all in all, I paid one hundred and thirty pesos but

4. Have your picture and fingerprints taken

Your name would then be called up. When you hear your name, your picture will be taken and your fingerprints will be taken. Then wait for your name to be called again. This time your police clearance will already be given to you.

That's it! You're done!

Remember that the process is not the same in all police stations in the Philippines. However, I am sure that any difference will not be that significant. Good luck in getting your police clearance!

Just a disclaimer: I am not connected to any government office so I won't be able to answer any questions that you might have regarding procedures and processes on how to procure documents such as an NBI clearance, an NSO authenticated birth certificate, and etc. All the information that I have is already presented above. The information presented in this post was gathered when I transacted with the Zamboanga city (region 9) branch/office.

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