Two Violent Movies in a row

It was last week I believe that I watched 300. It was such a violent movie. It was filled with so much blood and sweat. Now I know why the Iranians got mad over the movie. They depicted the Iranians in a very different manner. No, different is an understatement. They made the Persians look like monsters! Not only did they make the Persians monsters. In 300, they were stupid people with an illusion of a great god leader named Xerxes.

I remembered dreaming about cutting off a child's head the night I watched that movie. I remember feeling very guilty in the dream. It was weird.

Well just a few minutes ago, I watched V for Vendetta. Remember, remember, the fifth of November! Ohhh, I can never remove that voice off of my head. Remembah, remembah, the fifth of Novembah. Oh glorious Vendetta!

I never knew that movie to be so much deeper than I thought it was. It's interesting because the Trumpet magazine talks about a similar future for Europe.

Amid all these very violent movies, I am suddenly filled with revolutionary fervor and an intense interest in the art of war (hence my reading of Sun Tzu's art of war).

I am becoming more militant nowadays than ever. Whereas before I think of success as riches, I now think of success as greatness.

What dire movies I am watching and yet it fuels my passion! Oh glorious, glorious violence!

*For maximum comprehension, read this post as Ilsa Lund of Casablance (Yes, I also watched that movie just recently) would speak to Rick Blaine