Marco Torres

Marco Torres, a Filipino, will be one of the eight torch bearers in the upcoming Beijing Olympics. Filipinos are all excited for Marco Torres since this will be the only second time that a Filipino will be bearing the torch in an Olympics event.

Before Marco Torres won the online competition (of who gets to be torch bearers in the Beijing Olympics), several online personalities campaigned for him. As a result, Marco he received the second highest number of votes.

Marco Torres was born last October 24, 1969 in Manila. He is a Marketing Manager for M Moser Associates and a Reporter for Metrozine Magazine. Marco Torres currently living in Beijing (since June 2006).

In his profile page at the China Daily website, Marco appeals to the public to make him one of the torch bearers in the Sydney Olympics because he thinks that this might be the only other chance that his country gets to carry the Olympic torch again. Marco Torres believes that a Filipino torch bearer in the Beijing Olympics can unify his country.

Marco Torres claims to be well travelled in China. He even says that he might have already visited all places in Beijing. However, Marco Torres wants to make point out that China is more than just the Great Wall. He says that beyond the Great Wall is so much more waiting to be explored.

Proof of his love for Beijing and the Olympics is the fact that he declined an opportunity to move to Shanghai just to be in Beijing in time for the Olympic games.

Marco Torres promises to be the ultimate representative of the Philippines to the Beijing Olympics. He says that he promises to promote China to the Philippines and vice versa.

His tagline reads: "I leave Beijing for a weekend, a new bar opens. I’m gone for a week, a new mall opens. I’m gone a few months, and a new subway line has been constructed."

Among the top 100 (in the online competition), several other Pinoys made it. They are Jaime Florcruz, Michelle Florcruz, Noel Novicio, and Jeremy Sy.