Recently, I discovered that some people define a bisexual as somebody who likes the same sex but does not cross dress.

This concept is a reflection of how ignorant we are when it comes to sexuality. Just some terms I wish to clarify:

Straight/heterosexual- is somebody who likes the opposite sex.

Gay/homosexual- is somebody who likes the same sex. It can refer to male homosexuals as well as female homosexuals. In the USA, lesbians are often called gay.

Transsexual- are men who want to be females and vice versa. Usually, transsexuals cross dress and undergo a sex change. Being a transsexual does not mean being a homosexual. Transsexuals merely want to be the opposite sex.

Cross Dressers- are men who dress up as females and vice versa. Cross-dressers are usually gay but gay people do not necessarily cross dress.

Bisexual- are people who like both sexes. They may or may not cross dress. They may or may not be transsexuals.

Most male homosexuals (especially those who do not cross dress) in this country hesitate to use the word gay to describe their sexuality. This is probably brought about by the fact that in the Philippines, the image of a gay person is a cross dresser who pays for sex.

Filipinos also have this misconception that if you are gay then you go for straight guys. This is probably true for cross dressers, but the same can't be said for all gay people.

There are bi-gay, bi-bi, and gay-gay relationships. To the typical Filipino, this is often hard to grasp. There are gay-straight relationships although these are often fueled only by monetary compensation to the straight guy, and there is no love involved otherwise the seemingly straight guy is either bisexual or gay.

I hope that in the future Filipinos would get a better grasp of the concept of sexuality.
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