My Super Ferry Adventure

What I thought would be a small ship turned out to be a ship that looked like a huge building. The Super Ferry 19 docked at the Zamboanga port around 9 30 in the evening.

My mom and I arrived at the Zamboanga port at around 7 PM as told by the Super Ferry employee (although my travel time would still be at 9 45 PM). The chaos at the port was a bit unbearable and turned on the adrenaline rush in my body. When my mom insisted that I take a porter, I quickly refused because I was a bit wary of porters. However, my mom forced me, and I gave in. I am thankful though that I did because the chaos inside the port was more overwhelming and I don't know how I could've gone through all that chaos without a porter. The porter also helped me in the pasikot sikot inside the port. So I guess the almost 200 PHP I paid was well worth it. I paid 50 PHP for the official porter fee and 120 PHP as a tip.

Before I could get on the Super Ferry 19, I had to board a shuttle bus and my bags were checked by bomb-sniffing dogs. The dogs turned out to be hungry because they ate the bread inside a passenger's luggage. That got me to thinking, can they be sued for that?

Inside the Super Ferry 19, order started to ensue. I could see greeters and receptionists escorting/helping passengers get around. When I arrived at my bed, I was surprised to find out that I only had a mattress and no pillows. Apparently, the pillows were for rent at 15 PHP each. So I decided to rough house it and used my backpack as a pillow. I had trouble sleeping because aside from not having pillows, my whole body was vibrating. At around 10 Am, I took a shower. It was very difficult to find a vacant shower room because there were only a few.

When I did get to explore the Super Ferry 19, I started to appreciate her beauty. At the ground floor was the lobby, convenience store, computer shop, clinic, and salon. At the second floor were the prayer room, cafe, and two restaurants.

On my last day at the Super Ferry 19, I managed to appreciate the beauty of the islands that we passed by. I stayed on the deck for an hour.

The trip had a very positive impact on me. I was able to see Cebu and various islands, and meet people. Instead of going to Manila to work, I actually felt like I was on a vacation. In fact, I thought that maybe I just really needed a vacation.

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