Week 2 in Manila: Water, Food, and Entertainment

I remember a Muslim friend of mine who told me that food seemed to be much more delicious whenever he is fasting. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims rend to go on fasting and eat only after sunset and before sunrise. I now know what he felt. Understand that in my life back in Zamboanga city, I took food for granted. Food for me was something really accessible that I tend to forget its importance. I don't even get to eat vegetables often. My meals were mostly of meat. In a year, I would eat vegetables only occasionally. My parents seldom cooked veggies. In Manila, I have only bought meat from the carinderia only once or twice in two weeks. Vegetables here are relatively cheap compared to meat. And whenever, I don't have anywhere to go or do, I would eat only once a day since I wake up late already. Now, whenever I eat, I do ravenously but patiently. I savor every bit of food. Water is to be appreciated as well since a gallon of drinkable water costs 30 PHP here.

It is surprising but true that whenever I hear music, I feel as if my soul is being enriched. Loneliness is also one of the things I am battling every day here. Whenever I am lonely, I find myself leaning to books, conversations, and writing.

I have experienced a great deal during my two weeks stay here. It has opened my eyes to a part of this world previously hidden to me.

Blessed are those who lead simple but rewarding lives.

On Monday, I will be beginning my training with Sykes.

Wish me luck!
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