How Feminism Destroys our Society

Today, when a woman opts to become a housewife, she is looked down upon. When a woman is asked what her profession is and she turns out to be a housewife, you'll hear her saying that she is a housewife lang (just a housewife).

This is proof that radical feminism has poisoned our women's minds. This is especially true in the USA and Canada. In those two countries, women would feel guilty if they are 'just housewives'. In that society, a woman has to have a career for her to be happy.

Feminism began when women began demanding the right to vote. However, today feminism is used by selfish people to further their own agenda.

Real Feminism should be about women having choices. It shouldn't be about women having to work just to be happy.

A woman's role is in the house. She is to take care of her man and her kids. Sure, she can have a career. However, this might impair her ability to be an effective homemaker.

Motherhood is beautiful. It is the most rewarding thing on this planet. Family life is the greatest gift that God has given us.

Feminism destroys families. Why else do we have a youth today which is so uncontrollable? It is because of that fact that mothers are missing in their kids' life, and fathers (who have lost the will to impose their authority over their children) leave their kids undisciplined. The result is a hike in juvenile crime, teen pregnancies, and drop outs.

A society of working mothers can not just work! Happy are those who had stayed at home mothers. They (most of them) shall grow up to become good citizens of their country. Balancing marriage, career and parenting are an impossible thing. That is the lesson that we've learned from radical feminism!

Men are to be the providers and leaders in the family. Women are supposed to bear and train the children. That's the normal order of things. That's how simple our lives should be.

Yes, it does sound rather simplistic and backwards thinking. However don't you always hear people say mas mabuti pa dati?

Think about it, people. We must be doing something wrong, and these radical feminism concepts are one of them.