Will Spammers go to Hell?

The other day I was advertising Pinoy Penster Community (now defunct) on several Filipino Forums. I soon got a pissed off webmaster on the Pinoy Penster Community online Forum suddenly threatening to bring down the site. If I'm not mistaken the guy was probably talking about a DDOS attack. Anyway I got pretty scared and for days I didn't spam any forum.

This got me into thinking, does God think spamming is a sin?

I mean a lot of people get mad at spammers. Does that make spammers sinners?

The way I look at it, spamming is almost like TV commercials. You don't ask for them, but they are there showing up in between your favorite TV shows. Isn't spam the same? We don't ask for it but it is there.

Besides why would you use the internet if you are sick with spam? The same goes for TV commercials. Why would you watch TV if you don't like commercials?

The answer ladies and gentlemen is simple, we do it because underneath that huge pile of (possibly) senseless spam messages, there is real quality content.

In the Philippines, most people are not even aware of spam even if it's staring right in front of them. Take for example, the huge telecommunication companies. Aren't the unsolicited text messages we receive from them everyday a form of spam? And are people complaining? No they are not.

This makes me think again.

Is spam only an American sponsored nuisance? Is it only Americans that are feeling the wrath of spammers? In the very productive nation of America, spamming is serious business. They even have laws about it.

So does this mean that spam is only a sin in the eyes of America?

Picture this: you are in the gates of heaven. God has a huge TV and in it is your life. You suddenly see your wrongdoings while on Earth. But is that a geeky looking person in front of a computer endlessly spamming innocent people or just a loser looking at porn?

Sin or not, spamming has certainly been one of the key things that has been shaping up the webscape. In the future, we would definitely see more action taken on Spammers and the concept itself. But whatever happens, spam will always make good breakfast! Cheers!