It's not easy...

The past few weeks I have been spamming forums and contacting blog/website owners for a link exchange. Slowly my number of visitors began to climb. From an average of around 70 per day, it reached 130 per day. My page views also increased dramatically. So after this aggressive marketing campaign of mine, I had more or less twenty very active members. This is good because finally my forum was getting posts everyday. People are commenting on works regularly.

The past few days though have been difficult. I finally felt the burden of having many visitors. Along it comes deleting spam, moderating the forum, and deleting double posts.

Due to the advice of an online friend of mine, I decided to change the theme of the site. The new theme was great looking. Some complained that it loaded very slowly. I agree to that as well but I couldn't do anything as the loading time was a result of the theme's feature of showing up only when the page is done loading. And then there is the issue about the font color. The original font color was green with blue. Some were saying it goes nicely. Some said it doesn't go well. In the end decided to just make the font color blue and dark.

Just this morning I received this email. It was from a member and he presented his case about plagiarism. I have to admit, plagiarism is so difficult to deal with especially because of the fact that we are in cyberspace. I wish there was a way that the text in my website (now defunct) would never be copied. But who am I kidding? People would still be able to hack their way into copying works. Like one blog said, if a person really wants to copy a text, he can do it no matter what pathetic security measures you put in place. And I being a person who knows my way around the Internet can attest to this fact. Even with websites disabling the right click function, highlight function, copy paste function, etc., there is still a way. There will always be a way.

And so I'm going to see how the members would react. The no highlight feature (which i decided to put in place to battle plagiarism) is very irritating especially if you are trying to compose a forum post/comment.

It is hard to maintain a website, especially a community. However I take great pleasure in the fact that I am helping people in my own way.

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