A Sudden Nurse at Midnight

This morning at around 12:30 AM I heard loud gasping-for-breath sounds. I quickly rose up and nanoseconds later I was out of my room calling for my mom.

I know I can't explain this thoroughly but during those moments (between the time that I heard my mom gasping for breath and calling her name), there was an adrenalin surge in me. And so with lightning speed and with anxiety comparable to the one I get when I am on duty, I was off to rescue my mom.

Even before I got in I knew she was having an asthma attack. Suddenly I found myself looking back to my exposures in the hospital. Never mind the theories I learned in the classroom, I forgot all about them. And so I remember handling this patient in the emergency room once who had an asthma attack. I remember her blood pressure being high, her skin cold and clammy, and perspiring. The old lady was soon vomiting probably due to nausea which can be attributed to difficult of breathing.

Anyway I didn't do much for my mom really. I just did some massages on her foot and back, took her vital signs, and opened some windows.

Soon my mom reported having body weakness in the right part. I thought maybe she was had a mild stroke. Anyway I did some ROM exercises on her and I am not even sure if that helps. Hehehe....

The importance of this event was the fact that I have realized one thing. I love love love my mom so much. Don't get me wrong. It's not like I hate her. Although these past few months, we weren't really getting alone. Anyway I experienced something so important. Something that made me feel so wonderfully alive.

The event ended up telling me something. I only gave full attention to my mom just because I thought she was in so much distress. Anyway, this serves as an eye opener to me. i think big brother up there is telling me something.

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