The Philippine Electorate has Finally Grown Up!

Last May 14, 2007, Filipinos from all walks of life flocked to polling centers to weave their future.

Around 40 senatorial wannabes vied for their votes, but only 12 will be chosen. The usual problems during election time resurfaced. Vote buying, flying voters, human errors, movie stars and posters marred the election season. Unbeknownst to the proverbial candidate, the sleeping intellectuals which we call Filipinos have woken up from its deep slumber.

Yes, dear readers, we have finally grown up! The problems might have been your usual problems (i.e. voters not being able to find their names and voters names being removed from the voting list) but so far the outcome have been more than the usual. In fact, it was extraordinary.

As of the latest, 7 GO candidates are making it to the top 12 with legarda on top.

What is interesting in these results is that Antonio Trillanes (who practically did not campaign) made it! We can also see that the movie stars have apparently lost their magic on the people. But the thing I am most happy about is the fact that all 12 people currently doing well in the canvassing are all college graduates. Granted, being a college graduate does not necessarily mean you will make a good senator and not being a college graduate will not also mean that you will make a bad senator. As most have frequently pointed out in such circumstances, Bill Gates who is a Harvard drop out is the richest man in the United States. However, Bill Gates is an extreme case. His success is a rarity.

Another surprise is the Ang Kapatiran party. The three people running under this party might not have won, but the fact they were able to arouse interest in the Filipino public to the extent of getting a reasonable number of votes is quite an achievement.

So what does this indicate? The Filipino voters have finally matured. I believe that in a couple of years, we will have an electorate equivalent to that of America in terms of maturity.

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