People from Gen San are Sensible

Darlene Custodio will win a seat in the Congress, that is what a survey done in General Santos says. The said survey was conducted by the camp of Custodio and thus its validity is questionable. The one who conducted the survey have reiterated though that the survey is based on scientific principles.

I really do hope the survey they conducted was indeed honest as this would mean a significant turning point in the Filipino's attitude towards elections.

What is wrong with this Manny Pacquaio guy anyway? I mean honestly...why would he run for the congress? All he's saying is that he wants to help the people. But for goodness sakes, you would be able to help people more if you are a Mayor or a Barangay captain. A congressman's job is to make laws. Where would he fit in the congress? Do we see this guy debating and giving speeches?

Seriously! I want to help people but you don't see me running for a public office. Someday I would like to know what makes these kind of people want to run for public office. It might be true that they are just being used. Their popularity would certainly almost guarantee them a victory. But don't these people think about the consequences of their actions? I mean what if the congress would convene into a constituent assembly? What are these people gonna do?

Such is the state of Philippine politics that no wonder foreigners think of us as a joke. That's what we are, a joke! Where else would you see a president running a country behind bars? Where else would you see a man in prison running for the senate? Where else would you see politicians hiring actors to endorse them? Where else would you see people stupid enough to elect such people?

I am so disappointed with my countrymen. But I am not losing hope. Someday we will learn.