6 Ways to Write a Bad Resume

Below is a list of ways to write a bad resume.
1. Include pre school in your educational background

This is one of the most common mistakes people write in their resumes. Employers do not need to know where you went for your formative years. They just need to know where you went for college.

2. Lie about your "Awards" in college

There are some people who would do anything to get to get their dream job. Some would even go as far as lying about their 'awards' in college. But be warned! Lying can only get you in trouble. All lies that you included in your resume would surely come out during your interview. What if you said that you got awarded the best in debate award? Surely the interviewer would notice that you are not in fact a debater! And what about the inconsistencies you are bound to make?

3. Do not include the jobs that you resigned from and were fired from

While you might think this is a good idea, it is NOT. If you will exclude these data, your potential employer might ask you what you did from this time to that time or in this this period of your life. Besides, it would be better than saying that you did nothing in that entire period.

4. Include your hobbies in your resume

Including your interests in your resume is not such a bad idea. In fact it can help you get that job. For example if you have interests such as public speaking and you are trying to get a job in sales, then including that bit of information would help you out greatly. However some people would include hobbies such as WATCHING MOVIES in their resumes. This kind of information which is not helping out your case can be and should be left out.

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5. Do not include your reference's contact number

Without your reference's contact number, this information would be useless. Your employer would need to verify with these authorities regarding your strengths, achievements, reliability, et cetera.

6. Fatten up your resume

The single most important thing everyone has to remember is this: be relevant and direct. Remember that your resume is just one among hundreds of other resumes. You have to stand out! Fattening up your resume with useless information can just be detrimental to your case.

Source : Shop Talk (ANC)

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