Phishers Hit

Recently, members have emailed reporting an email which is said to have come from the Safeharbor department of

The email tries to get Western Union Money Transfer forms information from members. explains that they offer safe transactions through their escrow system. Transactions outside's escrow system are unprotected.


Here's how the Escrow system protects you:
How buyers are protected:
  • The payment you made for the item will only be remitted to the seller once you confirm that you received your item in good condition.
  • You may request for a refund or an exchange if you are unsatisfied with the item you received. If the seller fails to send the proper item, your money will be refunded.
How sellers are protected:
  • You can ship items with confidence knowing the buyer has already sent payment to
  • If your buyer requests for a refund or exchange but fails to ship an item back, can remit the payment to you (seller).
The Escrow System reduces the risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third party that collects, holds and disburses payment according to Buyer and Seller actions. If transactions are completed outside of the Escrow System, there is a high risk that the buyer or seller may fall prey to fraud.