One Year of being an Unico Hijo

I didn't even notice it but it has been a year since my brother left for Manila. Since then I was an only son.

Let me describe the experience of being an only son. But let me warn you though, it wouldn't be an accurate one since I only experienced it for a year and at the age of 19 already. Anyway, being an 'only son' is not quite different. I feel so guilty for saying this but I don't think I miss my brother. Maybe it is the fact that I am so busy with school that I did not even notice he wasn't around. Maybe it's the fact that when he was here he was always on the computer and so was I.

Maybe I am just good in coping. I am not proud of it but I can suppress myself from falling in love, feeling lonely, and all those bad emotions. I don't know how I do this but I am always reserved.

I guess I don't have anything to say about being an only son. At most it taught me one thing. I am ready for a life of my own.

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