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Now this personal blog comes from a strapping lad in the Philippines. He informs us on the ongoing's of his life and how he is feeling. It is interesting to read other personal blogs from people that are from other Countries. The site is somewhat clean in looks. The colors are different but go well.

7.5/10 for content
7/10 for viewingpleasure
6.5/10 overall

Problems with it:

Though some posts are long it needs to be updated more. If updated regularly This blog would have potential.


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My website (Pinoy Penster Community) was also reviewed...

Pinoy Penster Community

The purpose of the site is not immediately obvious to the casual visitor, but a little investigation reveals that is a literary forum for Filipino writers. Contributors may write stories, poems, songs and prose in several languages and dialects and have them reviewed and posted for others to read. There is no money involved, the content while largely ‘amateur’, is often of a very high standard. The concept is great and there is some really good content, if you’re Filipino and you write – this is for you!


8/10: Content
6/10: Viewing pleasure
7/10: Overall

Problems with it:

Whilst the navigation panes are clear enough, the central content panel appears disorganised, which may discourage new visitors.

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