A Useful Post...finally!

Today, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that somebody wrote a link to this blog of mine.

As all of you may know my loyal readers (yes, all three of you), the only links I get are those from link exchanges. Hehehe... So this is the first time that somebody linked to a blog psot of mine that they actually found useful. Imagine that.

Anyway it was around two days ago that I wrote about Auction.ph's AdAuction. The minute I received an email (or spam) from AdAuction.ph informing me of their new 'innovation', I immediately blogged about AdAuction. I figured out it would be an experiment. Do the people who read blogs only care about stuff like reviews, tips, recaps, etc? How about personal thoughts and opinions (which I blog about)?

Anyway I guess my conclusion is people read posts that belong to a certain niche. if you blog about random thoughts, nobody would care. Which is perfectly reasonable...hehehe.

Here is the link to that blog which linked to me: http://shop.blink.ph/2007/04/20/adauctionph-an-ads-service-from-auctionph/