The World Inside the Operating Room

Today I was so lucky to be assigned in the Operating Room. The whole week I was so anxious about this day. I was so scared that I might make a mistake which will cost a patient's life.

I was pleasantly surprised about the whole Operating Room experience. It was a whole new world in there!

People while evidently stressed, still manage to crack up jokes at each other! The surgeon at one time even shooed away the people crowding beside the OR table. To me it incited so much fear and anger towards the surgeon but to the staff it seemed normal and part of everyday life in the Operating Room.

Another thing peculiar about the OR is the hand signals. Boy, you have to be imaginative to get their signals. Almost everything is communicated through signs.

What I love about the OR is the team work. People really work together. It is as if there is this invisible conductor who makes things run smoothly.

The most difficult thing I think about being an OR nurse is that fact that there is no room for relaxing and fantasizing inside the OR. You have to be alert and focused all the time! You think about your crush for just a second and you'll find yourself lost in translation.

Nerves I think is good when you are in the Operating Room. It helps you in being alert and awake all the time. Not too much nerves though, or else you'd panic.

The world inside the OR is such an amazing one! The harmony, tension, and silent solidarity is just awesome!