After using AdAuction for around three days, I have concluded that it needs a lot of improvement.

First, there are no pre set color palettes. This is a major no-no since not all people can mix and match colors.

I used the image + text ads when i tested AdAuction. I think the image does not help at all in attracting clicks. The image is too small that you can barely see it.

Another thing I don't like is the statistics. It is almost useless. You don't even get to see the number of impressions made on the AdaAuction ads. You only get to see the number of clicks which I am sad to say that is not quite accurate.

In the ad set up process, I found an inconsistency in the color palette.

Over all, AdAuction has so much potential. Tons of blogs out there and more than half of those are looking to make some cash. AdAuction has just got to be more flexible and feature rich.

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