Terry Lim Cua: First 2 Millionaire of Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal

For the past few days ABS-CBN has been hinting on a two million winner on their game show Kapamilya, Deal or no Deal (Philippine version of Deal or no Deal). The first winner of 2 million in the game show was finally named tonight.

Terry Lim Cua, a bank teller (who earns 9 thousand a month) is now two million pesos richer. The man who was always a failure in love finally found luck in the game show.

terry's game started out badly. All the big numbers appeared early on the show. But in a drastic turn of events, all small numbers came out in the next rounds.

As the game was nearing its end, people were cheering and chanting the words: two million! The banker was clearly not happy with the way things were going as shown in the background.

At last, Cua decided to fight it all the way. kris was a bit disappointed that he didn't take the final offer of 'the banker' which is a million pesos. She claimed nobody would give you a million. Apparently, Terry believed that his life would be no different with or without the two million.

The game came to an end as Kris finally revealed what was inside briefcase 8. People cheered and were very congratulatory.

Kris ended the show sharing her line with Terry Lim Cua: Magkita-kita po tayo ulit dito sa Kapamilya, Deal or no Deal!

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