Reluctant Nurses

Recently, the upsurge in the demand for nurses abroad brought about an unprecedented increase in the number of nursing students. The number of nursing students rose to the extent of overtaking 50% of a University's population. The top Philippine Universities even saw professionals going back to school just to cash in on the nursing rush.

The sole reason that so many are jumping on the nursing wagon is MONEY. Cold hard Dollars. if you ask today's nursing students why they want to be a nurse one day, two answers are prevalent: to be able to work abroad and to earn dollars. Sure one or two hypocrites might tell you they want to become a nurse because they want to take care of people but majority are really in it because they want to be rich.

Other nursing students are in it because:
1.) Their friends are all taking up nursing
2.) They are undecided on what direction to follow in life, so they take up the course ng bayan3.) Their parents forced them

I for one am one of the people who took up nursing to work abroad and become rich. Actually my parents also forced me. I was about to become ideal again and pursue my dreams of becoming either a writer, web designer, psychiatrist, or a business man. None of those happened because I chose to be ideal (for a change). Unbeknownst to me, that sudden impulsive decision to become practical (now that's an irony!) would become my downfall.

Yes, dear friends. I am an unhappy nursing student as most nursing students are. We have all been forced into this black hole devoid of any freedom of expression. We have all been pushed into wells of desire of our parents!

Right now I should be taking tiny steps towards becoming either a successful young entrepreneur (like Donald Trump), a flourishing opinionated columnist, or an internet geek millionaire. Instead I am memorizing drugs, procedures, etc. *Sigh*

One day though, I hope that my spur of the moment decision to do something very rational would pay off. Someday, I hope to breath a sigh of relief and say buti na lang nag nursing ako.

Anyone else out there, suffering from this type of depression?