Many Injured Due to New Found Wealth

The stock market hit a near 9 month high as it closed for the year yesterday. The peso meanwhile surged 7% for the year. All these factors ushered in a lower than expected inflation rate for December which is pegged at 4%.

Amidst these good news in business, we are seeing the development of a not so good news. According to the DoH, 205 heard-headed Filipinos have been injured due to firecracker accidents. But still, is this 80% increase in firecracker related injury an indication that the improving economic state of the Philippines is finally being felt by the masses. I don't see any other reason why the statistics would suddenly go up. I mean sure, the DoH has slowed down its campaign but would that mean that Filipinos would forget what they were thought just a few years ago? After being shot in war torn Iraq, would a tourist go back there again?

The way I see it, new found wealth should be coupled with some teachings by the government. Just like China is now facing the problem of pollution, the Philippines would soon understand that the newly wealthy filipinos should be responsible for the problems they would bring about such as obesity, pollution, etc.