Year End Productivity Report

Its 11:30 PM, December 30th. just a few more hours till 2007.

I am currently listening to Mig Ayesa's Baby I Love your Way. Man! This guy can sing. I can listen to his very soulful and amazing rendition of this song forever.

Listening to this song got me to thinking about 2006. All my accomplishments, trials, and failures.

Here is a summary of the things that happened to me this year

Jan- I created a much more cleaner design for Noypi Writers. I also started to gain weight after losing more or less 20 kilograms.

Feb- it became apparent that I was going to gain back all the weight that I lost over the past few months.

March- I transferred Noypi Writers to a blog because it proved hard to maintain manually.

April- My friend encouraged me to go to the gym with him.

May- After a few weeks, I surrendered and hated my best friend for insisting that I go to the gym. My body was sore 'till June.

June- Back to duty. Back to NCM. We now have duties in the Operating and Delivery room. My first duty for the school year is in the Brent Hospital. We were assigned at the ER. My clinical instructor scolded me for being slow. That really crushed my spirits.

July- I gained more pounds. I was able to form a friendship with a girl who is my dutymate. This girl is real fun and so I had so much great moments with her. We're still friends by the way up to this moment. I remember telling her once that if we were still friends by December, we should exchange gifts. Thinking about that made me feel so guilty. You see, to me she was just an ally in my RLE. You have got to understand where the defensiveness comes from. You see, I am not a social creature (which was one of the reasons why I didn't want to be a nurse), and in our RLE when somebody acts rather quiet and anti social, you get eaten up by the extrovert people in the group.

September- I have discovered Xoops, an open source CMS. Xoops paved the way for me to create a Noypi Writers based on php and mysql. This new found knowledge is helpful since it'll make postings automatic. CMSs would also provide a log in system. My free web host though suspended my account because of its heavy traffic.

October- I made a new website with Noypi Writer's concept but with a different name: Pinoy Penster Community. The change in name was because of the fact that Noypi Writers already has a not so good reputation with it being taken on and off the Internet frequently.

November- I emailed some web hosting companies both in the Philippines and abroad. I asked them to sponsor hosting and domain registration for Pinoy Penster Community. I told them that it would be for a good cause since they would be helping Amateur Filipino Writers and offered them an ad space in the website. I emailed these company not expecting a reply from any of them. After a while, I discovered that one of them replied to my email and agreed to give me I was so happy with this development, I mean who would have thought that someone would be willing to sponsor Pinoy Penster Community a web hosting and domain name. Then came another email from another Philippine web hosting company which offered me free hosting and free top level domain name. I was absolutely ecstatic when I read their email. I immediately told my online friend (who is also my adviser when it comes to these online money making activities of mine) about what happened. The better offer was apparently in exchange for 10 articles (SEO writing) per month. At that time I was absolutely desperate to have a website with a top level domain name. But as weeks passed and after many consultations with my online friends, I realized that the 10 articles this company was asking me was highway robbery. Not that I'm being ungrateful but I finally understood that they were taking advantage of me. I mean I know that the situation that I presented to them which I am in right now does not warrant me any right to complain. But still!

December- I finally settled with and the owner of the company which gave it to me asked me to write their website an About Us page. In return he said he was going to give me an online business subcontracting writing jobs. He asked me to make a business plan which he was so impressed with by the way. Finally, my plan resulted to InWriters being born. Then recently he referred me to his business partner here in the Philippines. His partner gave me a job to write content for their front page and a translation job which i subcontracted to interested individuals.

This year I did not at all join the Ateneo Fiesta. I stayed home the whole week and that led me to the discovery of two web hosting companies.

The first ever Philippine Idol was crowned this year. Aside from watching the show every week and sometimes taking part in the voting process, I was also an active participant in the Philippine Idol forums. I even created a chat room for Philippine Idol fans since I saw some people were using the forum as a chat room. All these allowed me to find new friends.

What happened to me this 2006 renewed my interest in writing. It also sealed my belief that I can write. You see, I have had doubts on whether i can write at all. But with these offers coming in to write with pay is just so encouraging that I even revived this old blog of mine.

I can say that 2006 has been a fruitful year. True, I gained most of the weight I lost in 2005. But the fact that I was able to do it proves that I can do it again. That assurance is enough for me.

Update: Noypi Writers and Pinoy Penster Community are now defunct.