On Finally Realizing what Christmas is all About...

It's the 24th of December. Only around two hours before the clock strikes 12. We have just finished eating our Christmas dinner.

*Sigh* Christmas is not what it used to be. Gone are the butterflies which would usually set in on the eve of Christmas. Gone is that anxious-nervous feeling as I listen to the firecrackers getting louder by the hour outside. Worst of all, my brother is gone.

Yes, that is exactly what is missing this Christmas. My brother. Right now, he is somewhere in Manila answering a pathetic American's call.

Folks, I have come to realize exactly what Christmas means through the absence of my brother this Christmas. Family. For so long, I have never realized it. I thought it was the presents, the food, and the loot. But as it turns out, Christmas is all about the most fundamental foundation of our society.

I finally get it. It was all about our love ones in the first place. The merriment would never be there without the people doing it.

Well, around an hour to go before Christmas. Thank God my mom and dad are here.