Where have all the Parents gone?

It's Christmas 2006. The boy living next door is again going to spend Christmas with us. Why, you ask. Well, his mom and dad apparently can't make it back to the Philippines for the holidays. His dad is an engineer in Abu Dhabi and his mom is a nurse at a Saudi Arabian hospital. It has been years since his parents came back home. Communication was usually through text messaging and the internet. The boy is living a good life though. He has a swimming pool in his front yard, two maids, a huge house, and more money than he could ever spend in his entire lifetime. But the boy is sad. His only companion inside his huge empty house is his ailing grandmother.

Do you think this is a tragedy? No folks, this is a statistic so real that you only have to peek at those 'from rags to riches' type of people next door to get proof.

According to some sources, more and more Filipino households are without a parent these days. Some go as far as having only an extended relative living with their kids. This alarming trend has been dawning on us ever since the mass migration of Filipino farmers to Hawaii. The present poverty rate was the final catalyst that trigerred this huge social calamity.

Already we can feel the consequences of a parentless society. The rising number of drug addicts, teenage pregnancies and homosexuality are only a few of the negative results of this present trend. More and more men are becoming gay because of the lack of a strong male role model. Meanwhile the hormone hyped teenage girl and boy would result to drugs and sex to fill up their empty lives.

Folks, the facts presented in this article are not at all real. But it will be in the next few years if we don't stop this present upsurge of greed amongst ourselves. STOP MASS MIGRATION! STOP GREED!

See you all in the United States!


  1. 1. statistics can never be used without s at its end.

    2. it's never greed for parents to go anywhere in the world just to earn more for their family.

    3. blame it on the family-centeredness of the filipinos why they'll risk even their lives going to iraq just to earn money.

    4. i entirely don't agree with you.

  2. I dont exactly agree with you on the "greed" thing but I agree with you on one thing - we should stop Mass Migration. I really hate it when all of my friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc. dream of going abroad either to live or work there. They don't realized that the only real beautiful place they can be is here, at their own country - the Philippines. There is also more joy seeing your loved ones after a day of hard work.

    Another thing, what you are saying in your blog is already happening and very real.

  3. You can never blame migrating parents unto eyerything. We have the extended family to set examples for the children.

    The only thing thats detrimental for the family is that the parent child realationships tend to go apart and cause ramblings and stuff, but a good support system may save the child.

    But mass migration should stop as it is detrimental for the economy.