Home Kitchen Review Part 2

After posting a review about the cupcakes made by Home Kitchen, I received a message from the owner asking me to go to their cafe because she had a gift for me. It was a really a pleasant surprise and I ended up going home with two boxes of free goodies!

I wasn't planning on making any more write-ups about Home Kitchen but I had to tell everyone about their lollipop cupcakes (I'm not even sure what they are called exactly so I just made this name up)! In my previous post, I was all praises about Home Kitchen's cupcakes but I haven't had the chance to try their lollipop cupcakes yet so I made sure to eat them first. And man, I have to tell you, these little babies are the bomb! They're so moist, soft, and everything about it was just right. Each bite was like a piece of heaven bursting in my mouth! I would give you a more detailed description but I'm not sure I can describe food with the correct terminologies so forgive me if I sound inarticulate.

If you're wondering which I like better, I'll have to say that both are great but the lollipop cupcakes are bite-sized, and much richer, not to mention that it is on a stick so it would probably fit the needs of a certain segment of Home Kitchen's clientele. What really sets Home Kitchen apart is their products are not too commercialized meaning they don't scrimp on the ingredients.

This is the second part of my review of Home Kitchen. Click here to view the first part. If you live in the area, I'd like to invite you to drop by and try their pastries. Let's all support micro-enterprises!

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