Home Kitchen Cupcakes

Have you ever tasted cupcakes so heavenly that you almost sang hallelujah? I was coming home one day when the driver took an unexpected detour and passed by the back of a church. Who would think that sitting at the back of that church is a neat hole in the wall cafe?

I have always liked supporting local products and micro enterprises so I decided to head there one sunny Sunday afternoon. The cafe looked closed when I arrived until a girl opened the gate for me. The interiors looked pretty cozy and homey. There was even a cat inside.

I initially bought the red velvet cupcake and the carrot cupcake, each cost seventy pesos. Yeah, I know, seventy pesos is a lot for cupcakes. But I bought them anyway because I wanted to try them out, and let me tell you, they were extremely delicious and worth every penny! I initially told myself that I really shouldn't buy something so expensive (even though it tastes really good and all), but since discovering this cafe two months ago, I think I have went back at least thrice already. Each time that I go there, I just ask for a piece of whatever cupcake they have available because they really don't sell any bad cupcakes!

What makes their cupcakes special is that the sugar content is not very high. This is something that I appreciate since most of the cupcakes that I have tried are just too sugary that you feel like all you're eating is sugar.

The name of this cafe that I have been praising all throughout this post is Home Kitchen. You can learn more about Home Kitchen here.

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