5 Ways to Save on Breakfast

I know that eating a cheap but healthy breakfast can be challenging for office workers, so I decided to come up with some on-the-go breakfast ideas that are not only healthy but also inexpensive.
1. Something that my coworker did was buy a large bottle of peanut butter that cost more or less a hundred and fifty pesos and everyday he would buy your average two peso pan de sal from the neighborhood bakery. He was set for at least three weeks worth of breakfast! Yes, a large bottle of peanut butter will last at least three weeks, and you have to make it last for three weeks because a teaspoon of it has like two hundred calories and with the pan de sal which is probably a hundred calories each, that is already a meal's worth of calories if you eat three pieces of pan de sal with peanut butter a day. But isn't that amazing? You're looking at spending less than twenty pesos a day for breakfast! And you don't even have to bring your bottle of peanut butter with you everyday, you can just keep it in your locker or your desk at the office. Peanut butter is super healthy, it has loads of healthy fats plus lots of protein. The pan de sal of course will take care of your body's need for carbs.

2. In some areas, you will see people selling boiled sweet corn on the cob. Sweet corn is très nutritious and really yummy. It has lots of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Boiled corn on a cob is sold at more or less twenty five pesos each. One cob has more or less two hundred calories.

3. Another breakfast idea is the Taho. Taho  is made of soy which is really high in protein and is very nutritious.  The arnibal will give your body some much needed energy to start the day. An alternative is soy milk. I actually prefer soy milk because I feel like it's more substantial. Not all areas though are covered by taho vendors who also sell soy milk. Both taho and soy milk only costs twenty pesos (or at least the ones being peddled in the streets).

4. Eating fruits is a wonderful breakfast idea! It is also a cheap one. I cringe everytime I see people buy expensive packaged fruits from convenience stores and say that they never seem to have enough money left at the end of the month. One place where you can buy fruits at a cheap price is the fruit stand or the talipapa neaby. You could buy just two or three days worth of fruits at a time so you won't even need refrigeration. By the way, have you tried the morning banana diet?

5. I know there are a lot of articles out there that will tell you that eggs are unhealthy however, more recent studies have debunked this myth. Just make sure that you don't eat more than two a day and to always eat a balanced diet. Yakult is also very healthy because of its probiotics. Yakult and boiled eggs are sold in the streets in some areas. They are also available at convenience stores.

There you go, five healthy but cheap breakfast ideas that I hope can be of use to you and will hopefully help you save money on food.

Just a disclaimer, this is just a guide and the nutritional values may not be that accurate. The prices mentioned in this article may not be the same ones in your area.

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