Manila Zoo Review and Travel & Itinerary Guide

My friend and I went to the Manila Zoo on a very hot Sunday afternoon. Naturally there were a lot of kids with their parents, some couples dating, and some tourists.

The entrance fee to the zoo was a bit hefty (I can't recall how much it exactly was ** around 50 pesos I believe for adults). But of course if you're a senior then you can go in for free. Although, not exactly exorbitant, I felt like they could've lowered the fees but then again, maybe animals can't live on bread alone.

Once inside, I found that the landscaping is marvelous. The exhibits were placed in strategic locations. Navigating the zoo is not that hard and I found the facilities inside to be satisfactory.

Now, we go to the zoo denizens. Normal people normally go to the zoo to see animals. While I did see the resident elephant, zebras, deers, monkeys, hippo, tigers, birds, crocodiles, noticeably missing were the giraffes and the lions.

Now Im not exactly sure if they died already, or whether the zoo had one in the first place but I found myself deeply disappointed 'coz I was really hoping to see a lion and a giraffe.

I guess the elephant would be enough for now though.

Here are some photos that I took of the animals:

The laziest tigers in the planet:

 The king of the Manila Zop


Bambi, is that you?

The Big One

Poor monkeys

Who let the lizard out?

Turtles anyome?

Look at that neck!

Are those wild pigs?

Overall though I did enjoy my Manila Zoo excurtion. It could've just been a lot better if I did saw lions and giraffes.

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