How to Win the NBI Clearance Challenge

Among the many survivor like challenges that the government throws at its people, the NBI clearance challenge surpasses the others in terms of the amount of deception involved, patience needed, physical endurance required and intellectual prowess called for.

On the internet, one can read on hundreds of horror stories from people who involuntarily underwent this challenge. I always lament upon reading these tragedies.

But today, a new dawn shines upon the Filipino people as the NBI renewal card is introduced to the public. I first heard about the NBI renewal card when I applied for an NBI clearance this year at the Carriedo NBI kiosk. It cost me 120 pesos and what I needed for the NBI renewal card to be issued to me was a valid (not yet expired) NBI clearance. Immediately after taking my photo, the card was issued to me. How it was gonna help me in the future though I did not have an idea at that time.

Just last Friday, I went to SM Megamall to secure an NBI clearance again. I was astonished to find that the queue was around five stories long. I wasn't even sure how many stairs I had to climb to reach the end of the queue, but from my vantage point, it was a good long way down.

So after a couple of minutes, an NBI personnel was approaching those in the queue asking them their purpose for getting the NBI clearance. It was evidently a move to make the queue move faster. I asked the NBI personnel what good the NBI renewal card would serve me and she told me that I shouldn't have queued anymore and just went straight to the head of the queue. So upon learning that, I did go to the front of the queue and showed my NBI renewal card and voila, I got to pay for my NBI clearance (which was the first step in getting the clearance) immediately. Upon having my photo taken, the person behind the computer took my NBI renewal card and I saw that I had 'no hit'. So there you go, apparently the NBI renewal card had the ability to whisk you through the whole inconvenience of waiting for your NBI clearance while the NBI people sorted your name out from other dishonorable characters who happen to share something in common with you (most probably your name).

My advice to people, get the NBI renewal card. It is definitely worth the 120 pesos. Think about it. No more queuing to pay for your NBI clearance. No more waiting because you have a 'hit'. Instant NBI clearance!

Unfortunately, the NBI renewal card no longer works as NBI has already changed their system.

Just a disclaimer: I am not connected to any government office so I won't be able to answer any questions that you might have regarding procedures and processes on how to procure documents such as an NBI clearance, an NSO authenticated birth certificate, and etc. All the information that I have is already presented above. The information presented in this post was gathered when I transacted with the Manila branch/office (in SM Mega Mall)