Tips when Buying a Digital Camera

Buying a digital camera can be a headache. With all the choices that you have out there in the market, how would you know which to buy?

Recently, I decided to buy a digital camera with a budget of 8000 pesos. When buying electronics, I normally scour the web for bargains. I never go to malls for my tech needs because mall stall owners usually would place a high mark up on their products. Places like green hills and the like are out of the question because I don’t know how to go to those places.

One of the advantages of shopping online is that you could subsequently search for reviews on the cameras which caught your eye. For instance, when I found the Canon Powershot A470 on eBay being sold at 6000 by an ebayer, I immediately used Google to search for reviews on the Canon Powershot A470.

When reading reviews of a certain digital camera, you might find yourself not understanding the meaning of what’s written on the reviews. A good alternative for you would be to just search for sample photos on Google. That’s what I did. I found the reviews unhelpful. Normally, reviews would bombard you with technical jargons. Also, reviews being written by professionals would usually give you different views on a camera. If you view sample photos of a certain camera, you would usually be able to judge whether the camera can take good pictures. And often, that’s the only thing that we want, a camera that can take a good picture.

After looking at the Canon Powershot A470, I decided to take it and placed a bid. However upon researching farther, I found an ebayer from Iloilo selling a Samsung S760 (or was it a 670?) at only 4500 pesos. I read reviews on this camera and noticed that this camera received a lower rating compared to the Canon Powershot A470. But guess what? When I looked at the sample photos, I noticed a little difference between the sample photos of both cameras. On some aspects like very distant sceneries, Canon did better while on photos with subjects not too far, Samsung outperformed Canon.

When my brother learned about my decision on the digital camera I was about to buy, he questioned me on its various features. I honestly, did not know what he was saying. Bottom line is if you’re just looking for a camera which takes good pictures; don’t worry about the technical features of a camera. If you saw the sample photos and were satisfied with it, then it’s a good camera! There’s no need to fret about things which you don’t even understand. I mean I could’ve bought a camera with a high ISO and shutter speed, etc, but I don’t even know what those mean.

Online marketplaces would normally have a feedback system, so watch out for sellers with no ratings, a negative rating or only a few positive ratings. Do not be scammed!

Just a quick summary when buying a digital camera:

1. Go to an online shopping website
2. Look for cameras within your budget range
3. Search for sample photos taken by the cameras which you liked on Google and judge which camera you like best
4. Make the purchase!

Some very good websites to purchase your digital camera would be and The latter sells solely electronics,

Note that when paying for your purchase, it is especially safe to just do a bank deposit to his/her account. If the seller is within your area, request a meet up. You can also ask the seller whether he/she has his/her own shop.

Most people are wary of online purchases and would associate online shopping with fraud. I actually have bought a number of items online already over the past years. The key here is not to be gullible. I mean if you see someone selling a brand new digital camera at only 2000 pesos with no or few ratings, then it’s probably a scam.

Here now is a sample photo (of Manila bay? in front of MOA) using the new digital camera that I bought: