Pancit Canton Toppings

The bounds of cooking are endless. We are free to create and recreate dishes according to our every whims and desires. We are encouraged by great chefs to experiment and go beyond the normal and the traditional.

This evening, after watching a Lucky Me pancit canton commercial, I decided to do just that. Since two of my favorite instant foods are the pancit canton and canned tuna, I thought of having pancit canton and the tuna as a topping.

Sounds yucky? Well, I must admit that before trying my pancit canton topped with tuna, I was also skeptical.
The judgment? I’ve created a gastronomical delight! Yes ladies and gentlemen, top your pancit canton with tuna. The end result is heaven.

Why is this perfect? Well, remember how many people are saying that pancit canton is very unhealthy and is very fattening (talk about sinful)? Well, the tuna on top of it can make you stop feeling guilty. Remember omega 3?

This dish though is like bagoong. You should only eat it once or twice a month. Otherwise just the thought of it can make vomit.

Few reminders if you decided to do it: use the classic flavor of pancit canton. Ideal ratio is one can of tuna to 3 packs of pancit canton. If you decide to buy the tuna which has juice? In it, I suggest you mix in the juice with the pancit canton. This’ll give the whole dish a more fishy taste and smell. Then don’t forget to mix everything.

If you buy the tuna which has only water (or brine) in it, then don’t bother mixing the water with the pancit canton (for obvious reasons). Remember that pancit canton is very fattening and so unhealthy! Canned tuna is also so full of preservatives! Just a disclaimer.