My Air21 Nightmare

It started when I bought a digital camera from an ebayer from IloIlo. I thought that everything was gonna run smoothly until the time came when I was supposed to pick up the item from the Air21branch (where I had the item delivered to). When i got there, the Air21 employee told me that the item wasn't there yet. He asked me to call up the Air21 call center (washing his hands off of my case). That was the first thing that ticked me off. Ownership is a very important part of customer service. This guy made me feel as if he wanted to run away from me! When I did call up the Air21 call center, the agent told me that it'll be delivered within the day. That afternoon I came back, got the same reception from the employee of Air21 and again called up their call center (since my item wasn't delivered yet). This time, I was already a bit skeptical about the veracity of the agents' answers so I asked the agent if it's guaranteed to be delivered within the day. She told me yes. In the evening of that day, I again went to the air21 branch in SM North EDSA and was told that the item wasn't there yet. I was beginning to suspect something went wrong. I expected an overnight delivery and usually this company delivers on that promise.

The next day I again went there and was again asked to call their call center. Nothing happened, the item was still on its way to SM North EDSA. What's funny is that when I tracked the item online, it said that the item was in Cubao. So I was wondering why it's taking Air21 days to deliver the item to North EDSA.

Since I didn't want to waste my time going to the Air21 branch in SM North EDSA, I decided to just call their call center first before going there. That turned out to be a bit expensive since a call cost me five pesos (and i called them up a lot of times). Anyway, the second thing that ticked me off is an agent lying to me. Im sure there are notes on every item that's out for delivery and Im guessing the agents puts a note on the item's record that the shipper or the receiver called up. So this agent was probably sensing that I am an irate caller and decided to fool me. She told me that she was gonna check on things and then call me up later. She never called. A few hours later, I called them again and got told that the item was held in the Air21 Cubao branch. I called them again the next day to ask whether the item is now on its way to SM North EDSA. I was told by the agent that the item was held in SM North EDSA. This time, I didn't believe what the agent was saying. I decided to text the ebayer and was informed of what went wrong.

Apparently, the seller was misinformed of what to write on the address field. I requested for the item to be delivered (for pick up) at the Air21 SM North branch and the Air21 employee gave him the wrong address for this arrangement. What was written on the address field is ground floor, SM North EDSA. Notice that Air21 is lacking in that address. Anyway, regarding what happened there, Im really not sure who's to blame. After what seemed like a lifetime (considering it's Air21), I finally got the item. This incident though left a really bitter taste in my mouth and I would probably use LBC next time, even though it's more expensive.