Dealing with Politics in a Call Center

Before I went to Manila, I researched a lot about call centers. The most prevalent reason why attrition rate in call centers is very high is politics. Like my friend said, where there is money, there is politics. I have come to prove this when I entered the industry upon arriving in Manila.

What made things worse is that the account I work for is a sales account and so not only is politics present but the account is mulled by corruption as well. I hear a lot of rumors about the account managers taking money which was supposed to go the agents.

And then add to that those occasional power trippers and you have all the ingredients which can make an agent feel so dissatisfied.

But of course, what's an office without politics. So for you to be able to better handle these things, here are my suggestions:

1. Friends, friends, and more friends

I can't stress enough how important it is not to be a loner in this industry. When the going gets tough and the people starts to bunch together and you are alone in a basket, you have a high chance of getting bullied. Be friends not only with your teammates but also with people from other teams. The latter would be useful if in case you get transferred to another team. It's really difficult to enter a team which is closely knit already. Chances are, you'd be an outcast. But if you already have a friend within that team, then you can reach out to your new teammates using that friend of yours. Having many friend also means you have multiple ears and eyes.

2.Friends in higher places are important

Friends who are already officers (QA people, Work force, and team leads) are very valuable in times of need. Always keep your friendship with these people professional though and never let your emotions destroy your friendship with them.

3. Know when to keep your mouth shut

Never start a fight with a valuable ally. Your anger might be justifiable but know that we must never anger the Gods.

4.Lastly, always remember that the enemies of your enemy would always be your friends.

So make every effort to make friends with them. :-)

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