Zamboanga city in the eyes of the northerner

You'd be shocked at how unknown Zamboanga city is to most people in Manila. My friend thinks it is in Visayas, near Cebu. Another one thought it to be Zambales and asked me if I could speak Ilocano. Most would not even remember the name Zamboanga, what they would remember is Davao and I have to correct them most of the time that it is Zamboanga and not Davao.

There are also only a few people here who seems to know about the unique dialect Chabacano in Zamboanga city.

I guess you can't blame them. The only time that they hear about Zamboanga city is when there is a bomb that goes off in the city or there is war in the southernmost tip of the Philippines.

Some people even see to think that Zamboanga city is as big as a little barangay. I remember chatting with a person and she said that she heard that a bomb exploded in the city and asked me if I was okay and I was like, why wouldn't I be. I mean the chances of a little bomb affecting many is little. It's not like Zamboanga city is a little barangay and a little bomb might affect all the people living in it. Another person asked me if it was noisy and I asked why would it be. He answered because of the gunshots.

People here also seem to equate Mindanao as an island with little or no civilization. Zamboanga city is up there with Bacolod, Cebu, Iloilo, Davao, Cagayan de oro, and Manila. People should know that it is in Mindanao and the fact that it speaks the only Spanish creole in Asia and of its very hispanicized culture (which gives us a glimpse to our past). Filipinos should recognize it for its uniqueness and not simply for e being the occasional victim to media hype produced by GMA7 and ABS CBN.

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